Busy Bee Matching Sweater Set
Baby & Me By Sarah Ingham

Busy Bee Matching Sweater Set

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Introducing the Baby & Me Busy Bee Collection. This is the new Busy Bee Boss Baby & Boss Mama matching sweater set! 

You and your boss baby can be twinning with these beautifully matching sweater sets. 

Made from 100% eco friendly cotton and beautifully fitted. This is the next level fashion wear for all aspiring boss babies and boss mamas too! 

The Busy Bee Baby Sweater comes in size 6 months - 1 year and 1 - 2 years. 

The Busy Bee Boss Mama Sweater comes in from size 8 (XS) to size 18 XXL.

The set comes in 2 colours - Angelic White and Heather Grey.

Don't forget to tag @babyandmebysarah on Facebook and Instagram in your new Busy Bee wear! 

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